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Frequent SAS Array Device Failed


Frequent SAS Array Device Failed

Hi all,

Recently we had installed 30+ DL 385 G6 servers with each attached to MSA 50 with total of 18x 300 GB disks.

In the past two months operational period for those newly installed servers, I found a lot of error related to the disks, especially when I ran the HP diagnostic tool. Until now, there are at least 6 servers got disks problems.

Two servers had disk, smart array controller and MSA replaced..

Is this common problem for DL 385 g6 servers? or disk/MSA problem? Before we are using DL 385 g2 with MSA 50 @146 GB disks and found no problem at all.

Any suggestion what to do or solution for this problem? Because changing disks oftenly affect our operational = maintenance time too high.

Thank you in advance.


Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Frequent SAS Array Device Failed

do you have proper server room enviroment? Stable temperature, humidity? Dust?

We havent had single disk failure within 4,5 year (140 hp disks sized from 36GB to 1TB).