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Friendly Name on Broadcom NC373i

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Friendly Name on Broadcom NC373i

I have a customer which is using an application on W2K8 R2 that relies on  the "friendly name" of the Broadcom NIC,

so the application  wants NC373i DP Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter #1  and  #2.


On his server (DL380G5 with 2 NIC's integrated on it), both NIC's has the friendly name #48 and #49 instead of #1 and #2.


How can I change that back to the low values ?? 


I've tried that by uninstalling the NIC's in cp/system; (but #48 and #49 stays)

i've looked for hiddendevices via 'set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1' and then Show hidden devices

(but there are no hidden NIC's)

i've tried within the registry (but after modify it (replace ownership); it was not saved)


So, is there anybody knows how to do that ???






Re: Friendly Name on Broadcom NC373i



Try this link, it may help:


Thank You!
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Re: Friendly Name on Broadcom NC373i

Some of the network stuff can be found in the following registry subtree:

(that would be for Broadcom drivers, which would include most HP ethernet nics)

There's a sub-key in there for each network adapter (it includes all of them, not just the hardware adapters). You can find the ones with the values you need to change and modify to suit.

I don't *think* simply changing the "FriendlyName" value will do anything harmful, but as always when messing in the registry, be careful.

The "Enum" subtree is normally read-only for all but the system, so you'll have to change permissions, or a favorite trick of mine is to launch regedit under the system process using the psexec Sysinternals tool.

e.g. "psexec -s -i regedit.exe"

Make sure you don't have any old adapters that have the same friendly name as what you want to use. Sounds like you've already removed or checked for any disabled/hidden devices, so probably not in your case.