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G4's ignores acr.exe command

Bryan Lucas_2
Occasional Advisor

G4's ignores acr.exe command

We have built hundreds of ProLiant servers using the command

acr.exe /I a:\array.ini /E a:\array.log /S /O create mirrored OS drives, as per our standard. (RAID1)

Now, we have had several G4's (after Erase utility) ignore the acr command and automatically create RAID 5 drives anyway, when we happen to have 4 drives in a machine. Why is this?
Honored Contributor

Re: G4's ignores acr.exe command

Hi Bryan,

I think you have missed one step which is cupturing the exisiting Raid 1 configuration form the source server to a floppy

General Cooamnd Line Syntax is

Source servers:

Target servers:

C is for Capture
S is for silent
O is for Overwrite
I is for Inout filename
E is for Error log
? is for help

So I believe you have missed to copy the source configuration in to a floppy

If you can do that by following the source command line syntax then you should resolve your issue

Amha Kassa
Bryan Lucas_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: G4's ignores acr.exe command

No, I have used the same command and source templates for literally hundreds of machines. From 1600's, to 5500, DL360, to DL580G2 to the latest G4's.
Has the syntax changed for the 6i controller?
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Re: G4's ignores acr.exe command

Hi, Bryan

Try configuring an array manual as you want it. (Though ACU F8)

Then make a bootable floppy and launch the
ARC /C option to capture it config file.

Then you can use this new array file to automate it's config.

This is a normal behavior.
Default if no specific config is mentioned in the config files it tries to use the best sweetable config, using all disks. In this case it would we RAID 5 on 4 disk.

You have to caputure or to manualy create a array config file for a double RAID 1 config.


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Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: G4's ignores acr.exe command

I go through a similar process, but I have a separate .ary file for each server platform that I automate the build on. In looking at the contents for DL360G4, 360G3, and 360G2, all use the same lines:

Controller = Slot 0
ReadCache = 100

The information above is commented out for readability and documentation of which controller the file is for. I would check to make sure that you are using the most recent ACR.EXE file. (Mine is dated 4/2/2004).

Re: G4's ignores acr.exe command

Hi Bryan,

I think you have an old version of ACR.EXE which is not compatible with G4. Therefore you should download the latest version 2.5 from SmartStart Scripting Toolkit.