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G5 Servers stopping/hanging/restarting

Bobby Campbell_1
Occasional Contributor

G5 Servers stopping/hanging/restarting

We have a number of customers with G5 servers that are having strange issues. At the moment ~ 9 or 10.

The servers are shutting down/restarting or just becoming inoperable. This is generally happening during the night during or right after backup, they are not all using the same backup software.

We have resolved the issue on all of the servers by setting the page file to a fixed size on 1 drive.

Has anyone else seen this or know why it would be the case?

It is a small minority, we have a large number of G5 servers out there and we are doing about 5-10 a week. so it is a very small minority, but significant enough to cause concern.

Trusted Contributor

Re: G5 Servers stopping/hanging/restarting

We have seen this behavior in several G5 servers. After even redeploying the OS and replacing parts issue was not resolved.

We found out the root cause. APC UPS specially the 1500 this UPS can't hold what the g5s demand them. The HP UPS drain faster than what the UPS can provide even if there is no power outage.

G5s Power supply are highly sensitive and they will detect any fluke coming trough the line. And so will make the server to power off. This is an automatic normal behavior in order to prevent further damages to internal components.

If you happen to have these APC UPS then try replacing them for HP ones or do a test plugging one of the affected servers directly to the wall and monitor it. You will find out that they will not reboot.

You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
Bobby Campbell_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: G5 Servers stopping/hanging/restarting

Thanks for the reply, its definately something I will look for. Im certain though that at least one of the servers has a rack mount HP UPS