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G6 Server - Easiest way to increase the size of RAID 1 array

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G6 Server - Easiest way to increase the size of RAID 1 array

I have a G6 server equipped with a mirrored pair of 73GB 15k rpm drives for the Server 2008 R2 system/boot volume.  I have 4 more 146GB drives setup in a RAID 5 for storing programs and data.

Everything is working fiine, but I now realize I should have spec'd larger drives for the OS.  With active directory and SQL Server installed, I only have about 15 GB of head room left on the C: drive.  I'm worried that log files and other system data will eventually fill up the drive.  I tried moving the 12GB swap file to the RAID 5 array but found out that Server 2008 R2 does not allow you to do this (it insists on having a swap file on the boot volume).

I want to replace the 73GB drives in the RAID 1 with larger drives.  What is the most seamless way to do this?  My first thought was to pull out one of the 73GB drives, replace it with a 146 and let the Smart Array controller replace the data on the new drive.  Once that was complete, I could pull out the other 73, replace it too with a 146 and again allow the controller to copy over the data.  Shouldn't this work? Or is there a better way?

Thanks for any suggestions!