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Re: G8 setup overview/training

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G8 setup overview/training

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I understand the old Smart Start  setup    process is no longer  used for G8 proliants........If so,  is there any online guides that steer  you through the server setup process for this new gen 8 boxes ?



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Re: G8 setup overview/training



You may also refer to HP Guided Troubleshooting.  Click here for SPP guide.

Its called Service Pack for ProLiant.


Also Click here and choose Installation setup and configuration.

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For product specific Guided Troubleshooting visit;
Want to know How to use HP Guided Troubleshooting?  Visit the below link.

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Re: G8 setup overview/training



Guided Troubleshooting is now available for Gen8 servers. Go through the guide and give your feedbacks by click the feedback link and you may ask question for your related query.


Link to launch HPGT :

Select the server and the servermodle you need assistance. It will launch Guided Troubleshooting.


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For HP Guided Troubleshooting;