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GL380 G5 with P400/512MB Maximum HD capacity

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GL380 G5 with P400/512MB Maximum HD capacity

If I read the spec right, the P400/512MB handles a raid 5 array with 8x1TB SATA 2.5" drives. But only about 2TB per logical drive??. The spec says "Support for greater than 2TB in a single logical drive" , what do they mean "greater than 2TB", so what is the limit?  Thank you.

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Re: GL380 G5 with P400/512MB Maximum HD capacity

The 2TB actually is a limitation on the MBR and neither of the Proliant Server as far as I know supports UEFI so you should be able to create logical drives greater than 2TB with the P400/512MB Smart Array Controller at hardware level but any Operating System will only use no more than 2TB for the boot partition (per MBR limitation). 


What you can do is create an Array and split it into 2 logical disk; the first one with less than 2TB for the OS (300 GB will be enough) and the other one with all the rest space available.  You'll need to expand at Software Level (for example in Windows OS using Windows Disk Manager and GPT) the second array to be able to use all space. Windows will see this as 2 different "hard drives", disc 0 and disk 1.


If you use 8X1TB drives, I'm pretty sure the controller can handle the Logical Drive size of 7TB (you'll lose 1 drive per parity) with this configuration but if you create just 1 Logical Drive with all 7GB, the OS will "see" only 2TB


As per firmware release notes it show support greater logical drives volumes up to  8 zettabytes (since first firmware release).



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