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Gather the LED data via raw IPMI commands

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Gather the LED data via raw IPMI commands

I want to monitor System health state using a System health LED. (ProLiant DL180 Gen9, System ROM U20 v2.20)
Syshealth IPMI sensor always show "0" like in this article:

I was read this article and found solution:

Additionally, IPMITOOL is not able to interpret properly the LED values. The way to gather the data will be via raw IPMI commands. The return values will be:
The “Sys. Health LED” has a sensor type OEM LED (0xC0) and EventReadingTypeCode = HealthLED: (0x71)

0x0001 = Green.
0x0002 = Amber.
0x0004 = Red.

I read IPMi documentation and canot find how I can use "sensor type" and  "EventReadingTypeCode" to get sensor data.

ipmitool -I lanplus -U Administrator -P Password -H -p 623 -v raw <netfn> <cmd> [data]
I have tried:
raw 0x04 (sensor Function) 0x2d (Get Sensor Reading cmd) 0x02 (Syshealth LED sensor ID)
This is output: 00 e0 01 80
But this is not what I need.

Can anyone help me?