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Gen 7 DL385 - Fan Error/Failure


Gen 7 DL385 - Fan Error/Failure


We have a series of Gen 7 servers in our rack. One particular one is giving me grief. The error/failure is related to fan 2. One minute it seems to think it isn't in the system and then suddenly it is inserted again. I have attached a screenshot of the problem. What this means is that the other fans are running at a higher rate than normal, with the sound equivalent to that of small jet engine. 

I am thinking it is most likely hardware related. Possibly firmware related although I believe most of the firmware is up to date.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated as I am stuck for ideas.



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Re: Gen 7 DL385 - Fan Error/Failure

I would start swap the fan around, if the issue moves with the fan.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Gen 7 DL385 - Fan Error/Failure

Thanks Torsten.

It is looking likely that the problem is physical. The server itself is out of warranty so I have no problem with dealing with this myself. Unfortunately the server itself is racked in a tight cabinet and tight room. I'll report back with how I get on.