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Gen 8 Smartstart scan?

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Gen 8 Smartstart scan?

Hello, we are a HP channel partner that delivers pre tested & pre configured servers to our customers.

We are currently using the new SPP for firmware and the smartstart 8.7B for component scan to check all hardware and deliver the clean test log to our customers.


We recently had our 1st Gen 8 servers and found out that smartstart is no longer compatible with Gen 8 and will not work.

I think the scan is included in the SPP but that’s can only be online because the offline boot will only deliver firmware updates.


Does anybody know where I can find the offline smartstart, or I am missing something?

Any help appreciated!!!


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Re: Gen 8 Smartstart scan?

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Re: Gen 8 Smartstart scan?



 Adding to the above post,HP Guided Troubleshooting is also available for gen8 servers.It will help you self solve the issue. Below is the link for guided troubleshooting.

For intelligent provisioning in guided troubleshooting - Select Installation, Setup and Configuration

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For HP Guided Troubleshooting;
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Re: Gen 8 Smartstart scan?

Hi Guys, 


Okay well that makes sense I guess, ill just wait until the next Gen8 servers are here to test it.. it should not be long. 


Thank you