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Gen8 NIC instability

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Gen8 NIC instability



I have recently purchased multiple licenses for Server 2012 r2, two HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 servers and an HP P2000 SAN to setup a Hyper-V Cluster.  I have installed Server 2012 r2 and configured the Cluster.  I have 9 HA VM's up and running in production.  I am finding that the cluster is not totally dependable.  I am experiencing issues where the production Cluster Network becomes segmented.  I believe this comes down to the networking/NIC's and  I am pretty sure I may need new drivers for the NIC's, but HP doesn't have an SPP out for Server2012 r2 yet.  I have tried to find older drivers for server 2012, but to no avail.


Antoher problem occurs whenever I initiate a large file copy [copy and paste] from either of the new servers, all networking is lost and i have to reboot the server to get the network back.  When this happens, of course, I lose all networking to all vms on that node of the cluster.  I can live migrate the vm's from the server that has lost production network communications to the other node from the cluster manager on the unaffected node.  Reboot the downed server and I am good to go but automatic failover never happens.  I am guessing that the production team of nics is affected and the cluster communications team is not, that is why live migration is able to be initiated from the unaffected node.


It was suggested to use microsoft teaming instead of HP teaming while setting these up, so that is what the teams are created with.  I have teamed two nic's for the production network and two nics for the cluster communication network on each server.


Anyone else experiencing anything like this?


Anyone have any suggestions?


Thank You





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Re: Gen8 NIC instability

I mis spoke above by saying there isn't a w2k12r2 SPP availabiligy yet.  I actually installed the SPP for r2 originally.  This SPP installs the version of the NIC driver.  I found version for server 2008 r2 and downgraded to that.  This has fixed my network instability for now as well as my server crashing when initiating a large file copy issue.