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Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape

Tim Poulter

Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape


Not sure if this should be in the server or storage forums so I will try here.
Have a HP Ultrium 1760 LTO 4 Tape drive connected to the H240

Short version is I am having an issue, and in the quickspecs for the H240 card it says the following
  "The H240 Smart Host Bus Adapter provides flexibility to run in HBA mode or simple RAID mode"

Now how do you configure it to HBA only mode, as I cannot find anything in the documentations or in the
HP Smart Storage Administrator Utility.


Thanks for any help

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape

It should look like this:


HBA mode.jpg

Hope this helps!

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Re: Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape



The controller operates in either RAID mode or HBA mode, but not both. Smart Array Controllers allowing HBA mode can be configured to run in RAID mode. In HBA mode, all physical drives are presented directly to the operating system and the hardware RAID engine is disabled. When HBA mode is enabled, RAID mode is disabled. To enable RAID mode, disable HBA mode.

IMPORTANT: Enabling HBA Mode exposes the physical drives to the operating system. Smart Array configuration is not allowed.

To enable HBA mode:

1. Open HP SSA: press F10 on post to access Intelligent Provisionning Menu then choose Perform maintenance and finally click on HP Smart Storage Administrator


2. Select the controller (your H240 card)

3. Click Configure.

4. Click Enable HBA mode



Hope it helps ,


Tim Poulter

Re: Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape

Hmm odd, I do not remember seeing that HBA mode button when I selected my card.

I will have to arragne with the custome so I can reboot the server as it is in production now.


Hopefully I can do this tonight,



Tim Poulter

Re: Gen9, H240 - Set HBA Mode for Tape



So I look at our server last night and it was already in HBA mode, that is probably why I did not see it initially.

I had toggled it into raid, rebooted, and then back into HBA and so far last night the issue seemed to go away.


So hopefully this will fix it.