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General Release Patch for 10.20 servers


General Release Patch for 10.20 servers

Hello people.
I have a D class 9000, series 800, running 10.20 and am
required to have it up to date so it can go
into production.

I've been surfing through the software depot to find the right patches, but this is somehow slow as I've been choosing by myself whatever jumps out as "necessary", like the Y2k patch.

Because I have a deadline, choosing what patches are a must, is very time consuming.

I found this link to this software depot called "General Release Patches for HP-UX 10.20 servers December 2001", and I was wondering if somebody could tell me either

A) This will leave the system maybe not pretty much up to date, but patched where it was a must (CDE flaws, ftp exploits, Y2k, etc.)


B) How could I achieve this instead of choosing patch by patch?

A N Y help would be greatly appreciated.