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Generation 8 Servers Active Health System (AHS) logfiles

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Generation 8 Servers Active Health System (AHS) logfiles

A question to HP:


Together with the Gen 8 servers a new feature came across... the AHS Active Health Service. Whenever a problem occurrs and a warranty case has to be opened, the AHS logfile must be sent to HP support.


Now the problem: When the server is located at a bank or a government facility, these customers usually don't give any data out of their hands. Not even the AHS logfile.


How will HP handle such a case? Many HP supporters insist of having the logfile, others take it easy if it's missing.

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Re: Generation 8 Servers Active Health System (AHS) logfiles



You are right.  Government, Banks, Military usually don't give such logs.


How will HP handle such cases?

Well it depends on the type of warranty or contract that company has.

There are contracts like Non-DBD (Diagnosis Before Dispatch) or custom contracts where customer do not return their hard drives if faulty, they will keep it for themselves and destroy it later.


I am not from the Support team or Sales.  For more information you may talk to Sales team.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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