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Getting BIOS, Network, iLO settings via WBEM

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Getting BIOS, Network, iLO settings via WBEM

I am trying to get system information using WMI, with the WBEM providers installed. Particularly, I'd like to be able to find some specific information about BIOS, Network, and iLO settings.


Take BIOS for instance: I'd like access to any and all setting found in the bios (right now I use conrep to dump them to an xml file). I found the HP_BIOSAttribute class, but it only contains 4 or 5 settings.


Network: I'd like to access all the settings I can get running a dump with the cqniccfg tool. I've been able to find some settings in the WBEM classes but not, for instance, the ReceiveBuffers setting.


iLO: currently I use cpqlocfg to query iLO to give me information about itself. In what WBEM class can I find these?


The WBEM Providers seem incredibly promising, if they contain the information I need!




Jimmy Vance

Re: Getting BIOS, Network, iLO settings via WBEM


Re: Getting BIOS, Network, iLO settings via WBEM

Thanks, the document is quite handy! I was able to find some of the items I was looking for in there, though not all of them. At least I have a definitive list now.


I also stumbled across the new Scripting Tools for PowerShell, which include ilo PowerShell cmdlets. These cmdlets will give me everything I could possibly want regarding iLO. Now if they can just do the same with BIOS, then ACU, NCU, etc. I'll be set for life.