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Getting LUN on Solaris 10

neal zierke
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Getting LUN on Solaris 10

I have two pair of HP Proliant ML 350 G5 with HP SC08Ge board and interfacing MSA2012sa ( AJ 752 ) using Solaris 10. Simple systems, they are all built the same; so that is from MSA, one cable to machine A( ML 350), and one cable to machine B( ML350). And have two pair each the same.

Question: why is it that in unix( solaris 10), in the the /dev/rdsk/ directory on one pair I get c3t1dX… and the other pair I get c3t2dx….
I know its is coming from the MSA2012sa as I’ve swap the two MSA round and the t1/t2 stay with the MSA box. Also when boot unix, the print out from the SC08Ge spits out slot/id/lun and you also see the id difference then. That is
In my case slot 5 id 1 lun 0…. And on the other pair slot 5 id 2 lun 0….

What am I missing? I wish for the pair to match, I don’t care if id is 1 or 2 just the same on both pair.