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Getting first interface MAC address at build time

Occasional Advisor

Getting first interface MAC address at build time

Hi there

Does anybody know if there is a way of getting the 'real' NIC's mac address on DL380/580's at build time automatically rather than logging into the ILO-2 web gui manually, OR powering the box on, launching vsp/textcons and waiting for the dhcp request cycle to begin ?

It seems there is no way to get the (bnx0) mac address from the ILO-2 CLI.

Ive tried using curl to login to the https:///dhealthp.htm which details the mac addresses of the on board NIC's but due to the way the login process works on that site, there is whole load of javascript encoding functions that make it particularly difficult to get curl to login and get the data

There also seems to be no stickers/labels/paperwork provided with these servers with the mac address on.

Surely there must be a programmatic, scriptable way of getting the mac addresses rather than manually going to get them so i can start building..

ps : in case you ask, I am not building windows on these servers, and we manually assign a build IP in our dhcp server 'dedicated' to that particular mac address. hence why we need to know it before building