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Ghosting DL360 G4

David Fraser_1
Occasional Contributor

Ghosting DL360 G4

Hi I am trying to ghost an image from my DL360 g4 server

the software we are using is ghost 7.5 and we are using a dos boot disk

I am able to get a connection but the speed is terrible cant seem to get it above 30mb i have tried using the b57.dos driver and the q57.dos driver bot with no joy i have aslo tried setting the card to 100 full duplex and half duplex etc by using the settings within the protocal.ini file but nothing seemd to work

the card is a dual broadcom NC7782 on board

any help would be fantastic!!!!!!!!
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Ghosting DL360 G4

have you checked the same with cross cable also.
Nothing is impossible
Jon Ward
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ghosting DL360 G4

What version of Q57.DOS are you using and could you display your PROTOCOL.INI file?
Honored Contributor

Re: Ghosting DL360 G4


Try Bart's Network Boot Disk. You can add support for the Broadcom Chipsets for HP Servers from the same link ( Alternatively use this driver kit with your own method.

I hope this helps.