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Ghosting proliant dl380

Giorgio Vielmini
Occasional Visitor

Ghosting proliant dl380

Hi, I'm trying to ghost 4 proliant DL 380 but Ghost doesn't find the network adapter during the boot... i have used some drivers download from HP site with no result..... any help will be really appreciated!


Re: Ghosting proliant dl380

Try running with a network boot disk and copy your images from the network that way, If you google for Network Boot Disk your should find Bart's network Boot disk out there somewhere which is very good for this kind of thing.

Ghosting servers is not a good idea (even if you do run sysprep before taking your image). We flirted with the idea breifly a while ago but Ghosted machines caused us no end of problems (DCPROMO doesnt run very well on a ghosted machine, for example!!!) if you want to 'image' the machines suggest you look at the 'supported' RDP Server, although for 4 boxes this might be overkill.....
Steve Kadish
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ghosting proliant dl380

Which model NIC is in the server?

- Steve
Paul Ellering_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Ghosting proliant dl380

any of the three boot disks will work (but only 1 will work w/ over 2gb memory)


I have a HP 580 server with 3gb of memory and a HP 740 server with 8 gb of memory. I was trying to use a network boot disk to ghost the server image and was running across memory errors due to boot disks having a 2gb memory limit.

I found a network boot disk (below) that did not have the 2gb memory limit error.

Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk for Microsoft Networks (many cards)

This bootdisk solved my 2 gb memory limitation. I was able to boot and ghost both servers. It had the gigabit drivers built in.


Teledata boot disk had the same error even after I tried this solution: device=himem.sys /numhandles=128


I drove home to get an old set of dos 6.22 disks (never got the chance to install and use himem.sys)...

Barts boot disk gave me the same error after I had this message and tried this solution:

The xmsdsk.exe (ramdrive application) does not seem to be able to function correctly on computers with more than 2GB of RAM. I keep
getting the error "XMS get free mem error.".

Yes, I think this is a bug in xmsdsk.exe the author (Franck Uberto) does not have a machine with this amount of memory, so it's not easy
for him to fix it. But here is a workaround: Replace the himem.sys with himem.sys v3.10 (from Dos 6.22), this will provide 64MB XMS
memory as the maximum and xmsdsk.exe will not fail.

jun 16, 2003 - Updated note! Someone mailed me that removing the "/t" parameter for loading xmsdsk.exe solved his problem...


Both Teledata and Barts bootdisks are superior to the Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk but the Universal gets around the 2gb limits on memory without any modifications. great for server booting.