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Going redundant (power) with an ML350 G3

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Going redundant (power) with an ML350 G3

Greetings, all. I've got an ML350 G3 with a single power supply that I'd like to upgrade to a redundant power supply setup. Can someone steer me in the right direction? Will I need to install a PS backplane board, or..? Also, will I be able to use the existing PS unit with a redundant power setup?

Also, I when I search for a power supply online, I see different units claiming to be correct for the ML350 G3. Is this generally true, that there are differing part numbers for essentially the same part?


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Re: Going redundant (power) with an ML350 G3


this is the part you need

Hot Plug Redundant Power Supply Option Kit

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Re: Going redundant (power) with an ML350 G3

Thanks, Karlo. Now I can see where to go on HP's site to find the info on parts. Still a bit confused on the multiple numbers I see around, though; I assume that they must be earlier/later versions of the same unit...?

Also, will just plugging a second power supply into the ML350 make its power system redundant? Is there anything else that I'll need to do, e.g., BIOS settings or other config settings?

Thanks again,