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Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6

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Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6



my father has a DL380 G6 server and wanted to install an external graphic card on slot 1 to have a resolution of 1900X1200 for his photo software (with Windows 7 64bit).


When he inserts the card, the fans are on 45% always!

What is the problem?



Does anybody has a card which doesn't make troubles?


Kind regards


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Re: Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6

Hi Daniel,



Windows 7 is not a supported operating system on DL360 G6.


Refer to the following article for the list of supported OS:

You can download drivers and firmwares from the following link:


Refer to product quick spec from the follwoing link :



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Re: Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6

Install the drivers for the graphics card.
If it's an ATI you can set the fan speed in the control center.

Re: Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6

  • The system board has 2 PCI connectors, but the riser cards have the actual PCI slots, to which PCI cards attach.
  • A total of six PCI-Express Gen2 slot are available.
  • Options of mixed PCI-Express,  PCI-X, or x16 PCI configurations are available.


Three types of risers are available:

  1. PCIe Riser
  2. PCIe/PCI-X Riser
  3. x16 PCIe Riser


For expansion slot numbering, the type of PCI slot, bus width, form factor etc., please refer section Standard Features > Expansion Slots in HP ProLiant DL380 G6 server's QuickSpecs, locatable at the following link:


Now, the above story apart, for your issue:


There are no graphics cards tested by HP on the server. So any card compatibility information has to be shared by the card vendor. The PCI connector along with the riser supports card of the specification:

PCIe Gen2, PCI-X and x16 PCI configurations. So any card that meets the standards, the slots in the servers allow connectivity.


It is possible that the graphics card was installed directly on the PCI connector on the system board. If the riser board is available, install the card on it. Reviewing the PCI technology supported on the slot, the bus width form factor install the graphics card.


It is possible that the card can be physically installed in either the PCI connector on the system board or in the riser cage assembly, but necessary cooling to the card may not be provided by the thermal solution within the chassis, viz, the system fans. Based on the thermal sensors embedded on the system board, the fan speed may be increased to try accommodate for increased heating.


As a workaround try the following steps:

Remove the graphics card, and update the server's BIOS to the latest version. The BIOS update is downloadable from the following link. Refer to instructions under tab Installation Instructions for updating BIOS:



Restart the server and after it boots successfully  to the operating system, shut it down. Install the graphics card in the server. Power on the server and check if the issue is resolved. If there is a firmware update package for the card, then perform the update. If the issue persists, then consult card's vendor for support.


Note: Client operating systems such Windows 7 has not been tested on the server and hence it is not part  of supported operating systems. It is possible that the system behaves unpredictably. Moreover, as it is not part of supported operating system, drivers is not provided for it. You may try using drivers that of Windows 2008, but there are no guarantees it work.






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Re: Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6


This is just conjecture on my part but I would assume it's a firmware feature of the system that when it detects that a 16x display card is used, it will require a lot of cooling.

These slots in G6's are generally used for nVidia Tesla GPGPU's which create a lot of heat thus would require the extra fan assistance. I'd be surprised if a firmware update will sort this tbh.


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Re: Graphic card in HP Dl380 G6

I own a DL380 G7 and it is very similar to the server you are using. In my research I have found that if any Non-HP cards are used on any of the risers the fan speed will automatically increase as part of the "Sea of Sensors" that HP implements on their servers for thermal regulation. There is no way in BIOS or Windows to control the fans, it is all automatic. There is a workaround involving programming an audrino to intercept the PWM signals before the fans and change them to a lower setting before resending the signal to the fans however, it certainly involves a big risk and a fair bit of electronics/programming knowledge. I would advise you to just accept the extra noise or try to replace the fans with quieter fans(minor modification to the fans). The graphics cards should still work fine as long as they are plugged into the PCIe x16 riser board(not the 3-slot riser) and do not exceed the power rating of 75Watts per slot and 150Watts if you use the 10-pin PCIe power provided on the back of the riser.