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Graphics upgrade for ML110 G5

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Graphics upgrade for ML110 G5

I'm wanting to upgrade the graphics adapter on the ML110 G5 to something that's more powerful than the measly 32Mb onboard effort that seems to come with the slowest drivers around.

Can anyone make a recommendation on a compatible adapter? Looks like it needs to be PCI-e x1 or x8. Does a genuine HP part need to be purchased, or can any old adapter be used?
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Re: Graphics upgrade for ML110 G5

Hello Mitachu
I have the same server and I bought a pcie extender x8 x8 and cut the corner so that a new video card can be connected. I have a Sapphire HD 4550 and it works, but only at x1 (it should work at x8, but it doesn't, and I don't know why).
You can get the extender x16 x8 here
(I bought another extender, because I didn't know this one)
Remember that the video board that you buy should be low power consumption like that one from sapphire (they have more powerful video cards, but they demand too much power and the power supply doesn't give it)