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H.D.D mirror problem


H.D.D mirror problem

Hi There
We have configufe H/W mirror DL360 g4p server with SATA H.D.D. and configure OS MS 2003 Enterprise Edition with SP2. After configure the system we checked the hardware mirror of the system. But when unplug systems bay 0 H.D.D it boot and run the OS smoothly. Then shutdown the system and plug systems bay 0 H.D.D and unplug the bay 1 H.D.D the systems boot not found the OS.

Server:HP DL 360 g4p
OS: Windows 2003 ENT
RAID Controller: Embedded SATA Controller

Please help me to how can i break the H.D.D mirror and then how can i built the new one hardware mirror.

Thanks and regards

Md.Mazharul Hoque.
Honored Contributor

Re: H.D.D mirror problem

Sounds to me as if when you removed the drive 0, the controller 'failed' the drive in its setup. When you replaced the drive and removed the drive 1, drive 0 was still set as 'failed' and it would start to rebuild the mirror, but now drive 1 is 'failed', so now the entire array has failed.
To get back you will probably have to delete the RAID logical entirely, configure a new set with both drives install, but do not Initialize or format the logical, just reboot
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