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H240 hard reset/clear NVRAM


H240 hard reset/clear NVRAM

 I have a "pre-owned" H240 HBA / Raid card that complains everytime it boots:

Hardware RAID Support is disabled via controller NVRAM configuration settings.

1805-Slot 3 Drive Array - Cache Module Super-Cap is not installed:

IMPORTANT: Unsupported Configuration: Cache Module

functionality is limited. 

Action: Install the Super-Cap to remove these limitations.


There are NO Super-Caps or cache module available for the H240 card.   It almost appears like an incorrect firmware has been written to this card.  It correctly identifies as a H240.    This is not a LSI based card.  Quickspecs:

I've reset the card in SSA which clears the configuration, but not the error.   The card was at newest firmware, 7.0 and I force backleveled the card to the oldest firmware version to try to eliminate what I think is a bogus error.   No change. 

Is anyone aware of a hard reset feature or utility to reset this card?  A special key stroke or utility which will reset this card completely? 

If there is no additional reset capablity,  is this card dying?   It seems to work and configure fine?  Or is this just a bogus message that can be ignored?  

The card is designed for G9 servers, and I have it installed in a non-UEFI G7.   I've also tried the card in a non-UEFI workstation.  Same error in both systems.


Re: H240 hard reset/clear NVRAM



H240 Controller does not support cache module hence this message can be safely ignored.


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