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H241 WWNs?

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H241 WWNs?

I'm trying to install RHEL 7.2 on a DL360 G9. I've got an external NetApp E2760 dual-path cabled to a H241 SAS HBA. I need to zone LUNs on the E2760 to the HBA to get the host to see them, but I can't find the WWNs for the HBA ports to do this.

I've used SSA, Knoppix, tried to install RHEL on the M.2 SSDs (errors out), used Intelligent Provioning to try the install, so far no progress.  I was hoping Linux cou;ld tell me, but not so far. I'm hoping Linux will at least install on the array, which is my real install target.

Is there any way to find the H241 WWNs so I can zone in the array LUNs?

Thank you!