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HDD/CAGE/Raid Expenstion in DL G9 srevers

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HDD/CAGE/Raid Expenstion in DL G9 srevers



Please we have DL G9 sever,  there is already 8 Hdd Drives with one raid controller.

we are planning to expand the HDD.   in order to achieve this we need 

one Cage 8 bay, Power cables kit, Sas Cables, Raid Controller, HDD, HDD Blanks, etc....


confusion is :-

Which Raid Controller we should for? AROC? PCI Raid Controller or Raid Expansion card.?

does G9 server comes with on board raid controller card? any idea?  if yes what would be best option for us to have it AROC? PCI Raid controller? or Raid controller pci expansion. 

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Re: HDD/CAGE/Raid Expenstion in DL G9 srevers

DL gen9 servers comes with onboard Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller (SATA interface). This controller is operates only in UEFI bios mode and supports upto 10 SATA drives.  If you are adding SAS HDD then this controller cannot be used.

You can install a P440ar controller , if not already installed and expand the array/logical drive capacity . 

P440ar controller supports upto 26 physical drives and 64 logical drives

refer specification of P440ar controller :

refer smart array user guide for procedure to install additional drives to increase capacity :




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Re: HDD/CAGE/Raid Expenstion in DL G9 srevers

I'd recommend sending your server inventory from iLO or original purchase with SKUs and quantities to an HPE reseller and they can give you options for upgrading it.

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