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HDD Compatibility Question

Occasional Contributor

HDD Compatibility Question

I have a ProLiant DL360 G3 server. I bought it without a HDD. I need to know if this server will be compatible with 1 Seagate Barracuda 500 GB HDD. If not, is it true that the only HDDs that are compatible are the HP ones?

Occasional Advisor

Re: HDD Compatibility Question

You should ask a local HP service representative for compatibility. HP does not make HDDs, all HP HDDs are OEM. So the disk you are asking about could be supported.


A few years ago our customer was searching for a spare HDD to replace failed one in a RAID5 volume. Our local HP service provider told them that this particular model was obsolete and offered a compatible IBM HDD model. The customer bought 3 disks and upgraded whole degrading RAID5 volume online.