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HDD Compatility check

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HDD Compatility check



hp proliant 380 g8 harddisk suppoted to hp 380 G6?



Please give me link for compatiblity check.


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Re: HDD Compatility check

The disk frame has a different size, so it will not fit. Don't try, otherwise you will damage something.

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Re: HDD Compatility check



See this document.


HP SmartDrive carriers do not fit in ProLiant platforms prior to Gen8 servers. Likewise, drives designed for G7 and earlier systems will not fit into the Gen8 servers and server blades.


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Re: HDD Compatility check

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Re: HDD Compatility check

If you absolutely have to use "G6/G7" disks with Gen8 servers, you can put them into an external D2700 chassis attached to a supported SmartArray controller. This is useful if you have old servers that you need to migrate data from, because a SmartArray RAID created within a G6/G7 server on a SmartArray will be maintained when moved to the D2700 in such a fashion if all the drives are moved.

It's also worth noting that, while that G6/G7 drive trays won't fit internally in the Gen8, if you absolutely had to, you can remove the drives from the G6/G7 trays and put them into Gen8 trays and they will be recognized by the SmartArray in the Gen8 - however, some advanced "SmartDrive" features from the new Gen8 won't be available if you put unsupported (i.e. G6/G7 drives) into the newer trays, but again this can be a good quick fix for migrating data and other purposes.

Keep in mind, in both scenarios, the controller you attach the drives to must support the same RAID level you're currently using - i.e. if you're using RAID 6 in the G6/G7, for example, the controller you attach to in the Gen8 must have a flash back write cache and Smart Array Advanced Pack license to support RAID 6 and properly present the migrated disks.
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