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HELP.. 3 new 628059-B21 came up SMART fail after first reboot (DL 180 G6 P410 v6.00 FW)

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HELP.. 3 new 628059-B21 came up SMART fail after first reboot (DL 180 G6 P410 v6.00 FW)

I just bought three 3TB SATA drives(628059-B21) installed them set up a RAID 5 and got my volumes set up and put some data on them. Everthing looked good until I rebooted when it suddenly became Christmas on the face panel and all three of the drives indicated failure. ACU corroborates with a imminent SMART failure alert. Hunted business support and found critical FW update for controller, saw many criticals for the drive (MB3000EBKAB). Applied HPG6.  Unfortunately even after doing both online firmware flashes the drives still fail on power up. (drives originally had HPG2 FW)


There were some comments about needing a full poweroff after the firmware update so I turned it off and unplugged it for about two minutes. Powered it up with fingers crosse but nothing changed.


Quite a number of hours have gone into backing up, reconfiguring existing RAIDs, and of course setting up the new drives/volumes. Falling back is at least a days work (not to mention the lost time setting it up).


Any ideas out there ?


I started on the HP support site, but as far as I can tell if you buy HP parts you can't get support directly form HP even when in warranty (the invoice date on this is 6 days ago). I contacted my vendor, but I feel like I am going blind after searching for some way to contact HP support directly.  If anyone reading works for HP all I can say is congratulations, Compaq and DEC both had excellent support/service which I used for years and years, HP buys both and support goes straight to the crapper. You can't even send an email without dancing through five or six pages of sdearch forms none of which include parts.. It used to be that even without a contract you could call and using the part serial number they could determine if in warranty, Irealize this costs money to do, but with such a gap in the service structure I may have to defect to Dell after over a decade of prefering Compaq.


My opinion.. Support ? What support ? 


Re: HELP.. 3 new 628059-B21 came up SMART fail after first reboot (DL 180 G6 P410 v6.00 FW)



Once we had a similar issue where all hard drives were showing Predective failure.

Later found out that issue is with the hard drive backplane.


In your case the issue could be with drive backplane or controller or even the drive cables or may be all the drives are indeed bad.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: HELP.. 3 new 628059-B21 came up SMART fail after first reboot (DL 180 G6 P410 v6.00 FW)

Well as it turned out all three drives were bad..  In the end I had to call the HP SErvice number from a carepack on another server and explain the situation.  Once that was done the service process worked OK.  I was only able to te get one of the drives so far and I'm still waiting for the other two, but that is a logistics issue with parts overseas.


My single big gripe with HP support is this one:

The website should have direct regional support phone numbers listed based on product type, and not make you jump through 6 steps of hoops only to tell you it finds nothing for parts/accesories part numbers.


GRR, still annoyed about that, wizards product codes, serial numers, contract numbers none of that H.S. should be required to call in an RMA a DOA a simple component. And frankly if all service is to be fronted through a search engine before the numbers are provided it needs to accept part numbers for accesories too otherwise you basically exclude all customer parts RMAs because they can't get through the gauntlet of a badly designed website (my opinion).


Anyway, the server is now hobbling along on a single drive with no RAID and it'll be double the work getting it set up properly but at least there is progress..


It turned out these drives had been warehoused for over a year here in Chile.. It seems to me HP workdwide has some issues with its resellers and the way they handle their products. Not very good for gaining market share in an emerging market..