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HELP!!.....Bad Fuse in BL-P Blade Enclosure

HELP!!.....Bad Fuse in BL-P Blade Enclosure

I have been working extensively with HP engineers on this issue.

We have a server blade enclosure that is showing fuse 19 for the network switch A is bad. HP sent an engineer to replace the power backplane but this did nothing. There is no documentation at all regarding fuses only circuit breakers. The HP blade team stated the fuses were in the mini-bus bars, and to fix it you have to switch the circuit breaker on and off. That did nothing as well.

We also are showing that there is not enough power to power on 1 of the 7 BL20P's. This started when we lost the fuse.

Can someone tell me where these fuses are located and how to fix it? I am guessing they are either in the servers/switches themselves or the mini-bus bars.

We have replaced all the power management modules, the signal backplanes, and now the power backplane.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Roy Main
Valued Contributor

Re: HELP!!.....Bad Fuse in BL-P Blade Enclosure

What was the resolution to this issue? Was this fixed?


Re: HELP!!.....Bad Fuse in BL-P Blade Enclosure

I had an identical problem.

2 x 3 phase power chasis fully populated
1 x Enhanced blade enc.

1 of the power chasis' had been offline. When we brought it online, one of the blades began complaining about the 3 fuses having tripped - which they hadn't. There was also a red status light on the management controller of the new power chasis.

The new power chasis had a really old bios 1.4/6 (?iirc) - and the new chasis was running a new, but not up to date bios. I upgraded them both, as well as the blade chasis, to the latest bios, and the server stopped complaining about the fuses - and the warning light went away.

I'm only saying this because you didn't mention what bios revision you were running / or what your config was

Do you know Prov0?
Lawrance Lee_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: HELP!!.....Bad Fuse in BL-P Blade Enclosure

Hi Michael,

Can you tell me where to check the BIOS version of this power chassis? I was not able to find anything on the HP support pages.

I am experiencing an enclosure fuse issue as well, but not sure where to begin with this problem.

See attached image for the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Lawrance Lee