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HELP! HELP! HELP! -ML370 Hardware Problems

Ashley Derrick
Occasional Contributor

HELP! HELP! HELP! -ML370 Hardware Problems


On ML370 Proliant server. I suspect a faulty motherboard or possibly PSU because the CPU is stone cold, even after a considerable time after power up, even with the fan switched out. Any ideas. I have replaced CPU but still the same. No video output despite advice on previous postings. I have 'pulled' all unnecessary items and tried another memory stick.

Where do I monitor CPU supply voltage / test PSU. If motherboard is faulty what is likely replacement cost / refurb cost?

Please help -- this is new territory to me.

Best regards,

Anton Reiman

Re: HELP! HELP! HELP! -ML370 Hardware Problems

If this server is under warranty, I would log a call with your local HP support center.

Re: HELP! HELP! HELP! -ML370 Hardware Problems


If this is a G1 ML370, check the LEDs on the system board and riser card when power is applied. The Riser card should have an amber led on to indicate AC power is OK and the riser card is seated properly. If the LED is out, then the card needs to be properly pushed into it's socket on the system board. Also check the Interlock LED on the system board, near the riser card slot. If red, it shows that again the riser is not seated properly. Check all other fault leds on the system board. Use the diagram inside the side cover (tower system) or top cover (rack mount) to identify any LED positions.

Good luck.