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HELP: HP/Compaq Server ML350 G3 - LED hard drive display?

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HELP: HP/Compaq Server ML350 G3 - LED hard drive display?


Hello all, so I have a HP ML 350 G3 server on Win 2003. One out of four the drives (146.8 GB Iltra320 SCSI) was going bad(fault flashing red), the array is Raid 5,  and I mistakenly rebooted the server. When it rebooted the drive in question now has the following display... Drive Access=Flashing green,  Online=off and  Drivefailure/Fault=Off.  I looked at the drive led matrix but that combo of lights is not explained.  I have a spare drive that I can use to replace this one. Server seems to be working fine outside of this drive issue.  I can't seem to access the ACU(local or web). What i don't know is, is it ok to power down and replace the drive or just remove and replace?  I run daily backups just in case.


Thank you for any help you that you might provide!


Re: HELP: HP/Compaq Server ML350 G3 - LED hard drive display?



You can replace the hard drive online.

Not sure what is "Drive Access=Flashing green,  Online=off and  Drivefailure/Fault=Off".


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: HELP: HP/Compaq Server ML350 G3 - LED hard drive display?

I wirite this from a normal point of view. Meaning strange failures may occur.


The Smart Array controller family is very robust, solid and they work like most would like them to work.


A hard drive may have 3 condtions:

OK = now problem all green / flashing green.

Failed = Amber Failure LED solid on = drive no longer work at all.

Degraded = Amber Failure LED is flashing = drive is still oprational, it's still working and a part of the RAID. There's a problem with it. And it should be replaced.


Beware: the LED's is located on  the drive backplane. Not on the drives. The light is routed to the front throug fibers in the carrier. Not through the drives!


Hot swap drives mean Hot Swap = you replace the drive with the server up and running. You do not! power down teh server to replace a hot swap drive.

If you got a failed hot swap drive, in a RAID 1 or higher. You pull out the drive. Wait 30 seconds. Then insert new drive. And it will rebuild automatically :)


If the drive is degraded = Failure LED flashing amber. Do use the SMH (System Mangement Homepage). To check the other drives in the RAID. Because. If a drive in the RAID got hard read errors. Rebuild will fail.

So check, and replace those drives first.


ACU/SSA is grate. But SMH is the best tool :D.
ACU/SSA will tell if a drive is failed. it will not tell if a drive is degraded.

SMH will tell you all.  You can read all statistics on the drives in SMH, in a clean understandable way :D


Don't power down your server to replace a failed hot swap drive. It will work better on-line :D