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HP 331FLR Network Self Test Error Code: 604304

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HP 331FLR Network Self Test Error Code: 604304

Unfortunately, the Insight Diagnostics test On intelligent provisioning version 1.61 run on the server model DL380p G8 & DL360p G8 With 331Flr that update With SPP 04/2016, Network Self Test on All Server that I have, device is causing the error
This error only when the Network cable is connected. Even when the link test option is selected.

After this problem, disconnect the cable and retest the problem still persist and must reboot Server Again.


Did not detect an active Link

HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter

Recommended Repair:

Make sure a cable is connected in the correct NIC port. Retry the test and if the problem persists contact support engineer

error on Network Controller Port Is random, I changed Switch but problem Is Remain. and error only in this model Network card.

Pls Help Me!