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HP 350 g3 - and raid


HP 350 g3 - and raid

I have to replace 2 harddrives in on a HP raid 350 G3 server. They are running hardware raid 1 on the controller in the server.
What I thought about is, when I insert the 2 new disks I have to enter the setup of the raid controller to set up a new pair of raid 1 disks

But If we say that something goes wrong and I have to re-insert the 2 old harddrives in the server. Do I have to set them up again in the raid controller and what about the data on the disks ?

I suppose the controller stores the ID of the harddrives so they now they are a "team" of two disks - can anyone confirm this?
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Re: HP 350 g3 - and raid

> I suppose the controller stores the ID of the harddrives

No, all raid information about the "team" is on the hard disks. So if you plug the old disks to the same controller or another controller on another server, the controllers will read the disks and re-establish the mirror pair.

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to replace the smaller disks with bigger ones? Which array controller do you have? And does it have BBWC? I assume the server is ML350 G3.

Take a look at this posting and see if this is what you are trying to do.
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