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HP 360p gen 8 PCIe NVME U2 sff-8639

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HP 360p gen 8 PCIe NVME U2 sff-8639

Hello. Please forgive me in advance. I write through translator.

I have a DL360p server and I want to connect an NVME drive via a PCI x4 adapter to a PCIx16 slot. NVME drive WD SN640. When installing, I get an error ILO4 related to:

Uncorrectable PCI Express Error (Embedded device, Bus 0, Device 0, Function 0, Error status 0x00100000)

And the red button on the case is on. I tried another PCIeX16 adapter. But the problem is exactly the same. An error is written in the OS itself:  NMI: IOCK error (debug interrupt?) for reason 71 on CPU 0

Then the system is loaded and running. Tried running WIndows. There the blue screen of death flies out and it is impossible to put it. A separate intel s3700 SSD is used as a boot drive

Please help, maybe you need a special setting for NVME? My friends have tested PCI-M2 and everything starts fine for them. But with U2 problems ...... Thanks


Re: HP 360p gen 8 PCIe NVME U2 sff-8639


I understood that you are talking about the DL360p Gen8 server. 

if i look into the option part or service &Maintenance guide, i do not see the NVME disk details for this server model 

Option part :

Service and maintenance guide :

User Guide :

Can you please share me BAckplane and Disk spare part number?


Thank you!
I am an HPE Employee

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