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HP 420i RAID raid level transform

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HP 420i RAID raid level transform



I have HP DL360p Gen8 8 with internal 420i controler and FBWC + battery. ACU says that raid level is 1+0. But in details of the controler i've found:

     Mirror Group 0:
        physicaldrive 1I:1:1 (port 1I:box 1:bay 1, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
        physicaldrive 1I:1:2 (port 1I:box 1:bay 2, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
        physicaldrive 1I:1:3 (port 1I:box 1:bay 3, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
     Mirror Group 1:
        physicaldrive 1I:1:4 (port 1I:box 1:bay 4, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
        physicaldrive 2I:1:5 (port 2I:box 1:bay 5, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
        physicaldrive 2I:1:6 (port 2I:box 1:bay 6, SAS, 500 GB, OK)
     Drive Type: Data

which is raid 0+1 level. Is there any option to transform this RAID to level 1+0 without data lose? Offline or online - it doesn't matter.

ernst limbrunner
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Re: HP 420i RAID raid level transform



all smart controllers use raid 1+0. sometimes someone (even in hp documents) calls it raid 0+1 which is not correct.


smart controllers have never used 0+1.


if you have a test server you can prove this easily.


if you got 6 drives 1 is mirrored to 4, 2 to 5 and 3 to 6.


if it was 0+1 and removing the disks 1 and 5 you would have no data anymore, because both

raid 0 sets would have broken.


however, as disk 5 is not the mirror of disk 1, your data are still alive.


i have done this several times to prove this to my students.


so enjoy your 0+1 because it is actually a raid 1+0.


you just misinterpreted the information from acu.


best regards

ernesto (germany)