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HP 487204-B21 PCI-Express SAS card

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HP 487204-B21 PCI-Express SAS card

I'd like to know if I could connect two SAS - SATA (1 - 4) cables to the internal connections on this card and then use 8 4TB WD red drives internally with RAID on this card?


I would just use some standard INTEL motherboard for the Workstation.


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Re: HP 487204-B21 PCI-Express SAS card



The HP Smart Array P812/1G Flash Backed Cache Controller supports both SATA and SAS drives and as such both types of drives can be connected to the controller at the same time. The one condition is that in any given RAID array ensure it contains either SATA drives or SAS drives. For eg., you may use SAS drives and create a logical drive to install operating system and SATA drives, create a separate logical drive for storing data. But do not mix SATA and SAS drives in the same RAID array.

About the WD red drive, I cannot say all the features of the drive may work as desired as they appear to be 3rd party drives and as such they have not been tested for compatibility.

Hope this clarifies.



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