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HP 7505a Drive intermittent recognition on ML370g4

Chris Barker_10
Occasional Visitor

HP 7505a Drive intermittent recognition on ML370g4

This drive was previously installed on another server and operated fine on that server for the past two years. I installed it to a new HP ML370g4 and it recognized without any issues. But after having issues with it aborting backup jobs (using Veritas BackupExec) I tried to update drivers. It stopped recognizing in BackupExec at which point I reinstalled HP drivers. Then it didn't show in Windows at ALL anymore. Suddenly during one of the reboots it reappeared. However, it still wasn't working in BackupExec. Then I tried to update the firmware (as recommended by Veritas) - to do this required installing the HP Tape Utility software. After I did that the drive stopped appearing in Windows again - I haven't been able to get it back since. I noticed this error in the Event Log:

SCSI Tape Drive Status Change.
The tape drive with SCSI target 5 connected to SCSI bus 1 of the controller in slot 0 has a new status of 5.
(Tape drive status values: 1=other, 2=ok, 3=failed, 5=offline, 6=missingWasOk, 7=missingWasFailed, 8=missingWasOffline)

The tape drive previously recognized in BackupExec as Port 2, Bus 0, Target ID 5, Lun 0.

Any ideas?



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Stuart Whitby
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP 7505a Drive intermittent recognition on ML370g4

Sounds like you have a hardware problem. Probably cabling in this case. My guess is that it's a loose connection in the SCSI chain between the drive and controller; possibly the termination. It could also be dry solder within the drive itself, in which case it's more of a pain than it's worth to get fixed (unless you want a couple of hours with a magnifying glass and a soldering iron on the off-chance you might fix it).
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