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HP Care Pack Support

I don't mean to sound like a complainer here - but HPE is beginning to mystify me.    I went to renew a care pack last year and I couldn't contact anyone in HP so I bought it through Provantage.   For some reason I couldn't register it on HPE so I had to have Provantage contact HPE to get it done.     Then later in the year when we though we needed service I found that 6 hour response didn't mean what I thought it meant -- and that 6 hours after Unisys finally got the call, they called me to say that the parts were in another state and would take 48 hours to reach us.   Fortunately it turned out to be a part I could buy online and I took care of it myself.


THIS year I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings and buy a care pack where the parts would at least be in the city I'm in ... but the HPE web site is designed by people who understand the web site for people who understand the web site and not the rest of us.   FINALLY I found a phone number on the web site and called it.   The option I really wanted directed me back to the web site I was on and the other option had a recording that said NOT KIDDING  "We can't come to the phone right now, please call back at another time" and then hung up on me.


Finally I found that the Care Pack Team can only be accessed by email.  They speak to no customer under any circumstances.  But each time I write I get a form leter response telling me to go back to the web site.


It's as if they just can't be bothered.    Or maybe they are having a contest to see how many ways they can drive customers away?

The ironic thing is that we chose HP over Dell years ago because Dell's field support with Unisys was abysmal while HP fielded trained techs who actually answered their phones .... now I find out that, at least in my city, HPE has given their field service operation to Dell.

What again, is the reason to stay with HP?


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Could you please try our Sales Chat support for non-technical queries and I am sure you wil lget help from them . 

Also refer the below links for more details on Support related queries:


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