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HP Carton box for HP DL380

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HP Carton box for HP DL380

Please help... I need the HP carton box for my DL350 to be transported to Hong Kong.


I called up the Singapore HP Office. There is No way that I can get it from any way.

Can the US office help me?

No body u\pick up the call when I call up the HP Pre-sales team.



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Carton box for HP DL380



what is inside the box?


Why should HP transport your box? Shouldn't a transport company like DHL do that?



Re: HP Carton box for HP DL380

I think he's saying he wants to ship his server (via a normal carrier), but he doesn't have an "original" box. So he's tried contacting HP to get one, but he can't.


and, since an original box is "best", he's trying to sort out how to get one for this purposes.

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Re: HP Carton box for HP DL380

Although HP box that was with the server is best to ship , as far as Im aware HP cannot provide you with a spare box the only best way is to contact DHL/Fedex or any movers/packers and get them to pack it as securely as possible before shipping
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Goutham Sabala
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Re: HP Carton box for HP DL380

Well if we are talking about Dl380 g5, below is the part number for Return Kit

  • 289545-001:- Return kit - Includes shipping container and internal packaging
Link : http://h41297.www4.hp.com/km/saw/view.do?phpId=ods_na-php1121516&mode=php&docId=emr_na-c00752790&oid=1121516&title=HP+ProLiant+DL380+G5+Server 

If its regarding Ml350 need to know the generation. 

Below are some of the generation you can refer.
  • ProLiant ML350 Server

Return kit :164270-001
Return kit (1.0 GHz system model): 216114-001
Link: http://h41297.www4.hp.com/km/saw/view.do?phpId=ods_na-php327479&mode=php&docId=emr_na-c00319240&oid=327479&title=Compaq+ProLiant+ML350

  • ML350 G2 Server 

Return Kit (Tower Model, only) :249929-001
Return Kit (Rack Model, only) :250189-001
Link: http://h41297.www4.hp.com/km/saw/view.do?phpId=ods_na-php316596&mode=php&docId=emr_na-c00320792&oid=316596&title=Compaq+ProLiant+ML350+G2

  • ML350 G3 Server

Return Kit (Tower Model only) :249929-001
Return Kit (Rack Model, only): 250189-001
Link: http://h41297.www4.hp.com/km/saw/view.do?phpId=ods_na-php316537&mode=php&docId=emr_na-c00353639&oid=316537&title=HP+ProLiant+ML350+G3

Please try calling below mentioned number, this refers only For US 


Relocation for server ->Phone Number : 800 284 3653 Option 2.

Note: Before ordering please refer to the above mentioned  link and confirm if that's the part you are looking for.

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-Chinmay Kabi Satpathy


Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Carton box for HP DL380