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HP Compaq Proliant ML 370 G3 Server .

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HP Compaq Proliant ML 370 G3 Server .

Dear All,

Please refer attached screen shot and helpme to solved the probelm .

OS : SCO Open server 6.0


2 Logical Drive

1779 slot 1 Drive arrey -replcement drive(s) detected Or previously failed

drive(s) now appers to be operational

SCSI part 2: SCSI IDs 2,4

Logical drive(s) disabled due to possible data loss.
Select "F1" to continue with logical drive(s) disabled
Select "F2" to accept data loss and to re-enable logical drive(s)

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Re: HP Compaq Proliant ML 370 G3 Server .

1779 Error Message

1779-Slot X Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed drive(s) now operational:... ...Port Y: SCSI ID Z: Restore data from backup if replacement drive X has been installed.


Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly:

  • When powering up the system, all external storage systems must be powered up before (or at the same time as) the server.
  • When powering down the system, the server must be powered down before powering down any external storage systems

The message during the "POST" is for the data in the cache that have not been transmitted. this is why you see "Press F1 or F2"


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