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HP DL 120 One long beep


HP DL 120 One long beep

I am trying to upgrade a server that was working perfectly fine yesterday.

The server is HP DL 120 G7.


The upgrades I was planning to do was:

Upgrade ram & Install P410 array card.


I put the new kit in and went to boot it up (first time for a few weeks) and all I got was one long beep. No output on the display and no other beeps.


I firstly removed all the hardware thinging it was something to do with that.

Then I tried just one stick of ram

Then I took everything out. (Drive caddy etc)
 & Still the same thing.


I can see some flashing LED on on the system board (see attached.) What are these called as I cant find any information about what they mean to point me in the direction of what has failed.


IMG: End two light constantly on when full beep. (it does other variations before it gets to that)

The ones in blue one does flash oarange but it happens quickly so I cant get a picture.


If someone could point me to the information regarding the led combinations and what they represent.