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HP DL 360 G7 HD mirroring

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HP DL 360 G7 HD mirroring

i have DL 360 G7 with 1 - 149GB hd and running vmware and 1 guest (win 2003 os)

i just got a second 149GB hd and i want to mirror this with the one i already have.

i want to know if i go in the utility to create mirror raid(1+0) am i going to loose everything from the HD?
Mauricio Salas
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Re: HP DL 360 G7 HD mirroring

If you had 1 HDD I guess it is raid 0, so basically, you will need to boot with the smart start CD, run the Array configuration Utility and use the array expancion to add that HDD to the array and array migration to convert a raid 0 into a raid 1, now I always recommend to make a backup just in case, sometimes you will need a BBWC (cache and battery) depending from the Smart Array you have, recomend to check the Quick specs for it