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HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM

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HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM

Hey all,

 i want to ask if i "clear NVRAM" for the purpose of the server to boot, does this will affect on my Data and RAID Configuration because in the guide they said, it will remove all system configuration



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Re: HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM

Your data and RAID configuration will be safe.

However, if your current setup includes any non-default BIOS settings, you may have to reconfigure them after clearing NVRAM.


For example, if you have an add-on Smart Array controller installed, and your system disk is on the add-on controller, you may have to adjust the controller boot order in the BIOS settings, as (I think) the default is to boot from the integrated controller.

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Re: HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM

Thanks for the Reply,
i have cleared the NVRAM
reseat the riser
reseat RAM
same , the server is powered with no VIDEO output and it's not booting
the LED status on the board are green there's no amber
any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance

Re: HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM



Answering the following questions could provide a clue to isolate the issue:


a. Does the server complete POST successfully?


b. If the server does not complete POST are there any POST error messages?


c. Can the server be reached through iLO and is there display when viewed through remote console?


d. Has the VGA cable/monitor been checked for functionality? Try swapping them around.


If there is no display when the server is powered on, then it is possible that the server has no adequate power to complete POST.


Swap the power supply and check if the issue is resolved.  If the issue persists, consider reducing the server to base configuration and power it on. Remove all external device connections, expansion cards, riser cards, hard drives, processor in slot 2 and all memory modules in DIMM slot 3B, DIMM slot 4B, DIMM slot 5C, DIMM slot 6C. Have memory module populated in DIMM slot 1A, DIMM slot 2A only. Have identical memory modules installed and processor in processor socket 1 only and power on the server.


Refer to item 19 in figure “System board components” on page 79 of the server’s maintenance and service guide, locatable at the following link:


In addition, to locate the DIMM slots, refer to figure “DIMM slots” on page 80 in the above guide.



If the server does not complete POST, then please swap the power converter module, if one is installed, if not then swap the processor power module. If the issue persists, then swap the memory modules, if not then the processor. If the issue persists, then the issue could be with the system board itself.





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Re: HP DL 380 G4 Clear NVRAM

Thanks for your reply

 I Tried all the steps same result

looks like the board issue


how i can copy all the Data if i have configure them as RAID 5 ?


Thanks in advance