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HP DL 380 G4

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HP DL 380 G4

you have any explain for this mention

Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated Due to Overheat Condition,Operating System,Repaired,1,9/14/2006 11:24 PM,9/14/2006
Uncorrectable Memory Error (System Memory, Memory Module 3) or (System Memory, Memory Module 4),Main Memory,Critical,1,6/4/2007 10:43 PM,6/4/2007 10:43 PM

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Re: HP DL 380 G4

On 14th September 2006, the machine has shut itself down to prevent damage because the machine was getting too hot. After that, someone has re-started the machine and reset the alarm ("repaired").

On 4th June 2007, the machine has detected an error in one of its RAM memory chips. The error has been so severe the machine was unable to maintain the integrity of the data stored in that memory chip, so the machine has probably crashed to prevent processing and transmitting bad data. The error was located either in Memory Module 3 or 4; the machine cannot tell which one.