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HP DL 380 G5 hard drive error

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HP DL 380 G5 hard drive error

Hi guys, im new by i have just got last night an issue??? which the server shutdown by it self then after i run Hardware Diagnosis it shows ( Offline Physical Hard Drive, Serial Number: Not applicable, Controller Serial Number: PA2240M9SUE66M
FailedError: 640006: The Read and/or Write HARD error rate is above threshold ) please read the attachment picture.



Re: HP DL 380 G5 hard drive error

Same problem post link.

hope it will resolve ur issue, I think the replace harddrive.

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Re: HP DL 380 G5 hard drive error

try to replace the HDD
was it the first time you faced this issue or do you have other hdds that had same.
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Re: HP DL 380 G5 hard drive error

Dear All


I have similar issue for 3 HDD for a single  Server( with HP DL 380 Server ) please help me