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HP DL 380 G9 Partition restores itself

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HP DL 380 G9 Partition restores itself



in which way is it possible that definitely deleted partitions reoccur on the disk ?

We are using a HP dl380 G9 with a Smart Array P440ar Controller and Firmware 5.04 and a battery backed write cache.

I recreated the RAID, deleted partitions via gparted live disc, verified it, WROTE THE CHANGES to the disk, but then i found it again on the disk.

I have no idea why this happened.

The only way it was deleted afterwards after i simply installed a centos and after it was setup properly i wanted to do a new installation but did the partitioning via the setup gui manually.

Then i saw the partition vmfs_volume_member again and deleted it. From this point on the partition is gone.

The partition hold a boot efi from the previous esxi install.

It is mysterious to me. Does anyone have a clue how this could happen ?



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Re: HP DL 380 G9 Partition restores itself

What i forgot to mention is that we have a battery backed write back cache.

Does anyone have had similar issues and thought about getting crazy ?

I mean it is one of the basic operations an admin has.