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HP DL 380 won't boot - No POST


Re: HP DL 380 won't boot - No POST

Also, if I disconnect one or both PPMs The server doesn't test the disks.

it flashes the CDROM drive led once (long) and another one (short) over and over again.

So the strange thing is that some tests are being made, namely memory, scsi, PPMs, etc, but I have to video and the server hangs with the disk leds as shown in picture 3,

Is it dead?


Re: HP DL 380 won't boot - No POST

Hi David,

It seems there is some issue with system board which is failing to provide display. If you have any active contract for the server with HPE, please raise a support case with us and we will help to get the server up and working.



I am an HPE Employee

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Re: HP DL 380 won't boot - No POST

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we have no support contract. I'll do some more tests, but I think I have to declare it KIA :)

I'll post an update if anything new comes up.

Re: HP DL 380 won't boot - No POST


I've followed the procedure to clear NVRAM again but sill no progress. Even with the disks removed the server won't POST. 

The strange thing is that the server doesn't show any error both on the board and the front panel.

Any ideas?