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HP DL 380G7 Server with SSD

Occasional Advisor

HP DL 380G7 Server with SSD


i have a HP DL380 G7 with 6 SAS disks 10k + 2 xeon processors + 12GB DDR.


I have this runing on RAID 5 with an Oracle Database.

I know Raid5 is not the best choise for a Database, because of the writting, but it's cheaper comparing with RAID 10, and more secure.


The database was working fine, very smooth, but a new legislation forced everyone to change to certificated application.

This certification applications record everything you do, every click, every document you create or cancel, etc.

Has you can see, the writting in the Database went 10 to 100, this is causing a slow database.

Instead of changing for RAID 10, i was wondering if i can use SSD technology to place in the server.


My idea was, put the Temp table, Redo logs, control files, and if possible the Shared pool inside the SSD Drive, realeasing the heavy work from the SAS disks, because they already are working at its limit.


Could this work? What steps i must follow to make this work? how to secure my self from the "low life" of the SSD Drives?