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HP DL 580 G2 not booting


HP DL 580 G2 not booting

Hello. I just inherited a HP DL580 G2 server.

I've started it for the first time and everything seemed ok. The disks and their configuration have been erased, so the first thing I did was to create da Raid 5 array. When I did this, after a while, I've noticed that there wasn't any progress, and the led indicating "internal error" was on. I let it for a few minutes and then decided to turn the server off. When starting in again, the led was off, but it didn't start but apparently it does not beep either. No image on the screen.

Opening the case I noticed the memory led was green and flashing which means "Board Busy". I've removed all memory, swaped it, etc. Still the same.

Any ideas please, of what is causing this?

Thanks and regards.



Re: HP DL 580 G2 not booting

Just an update.

I borrowed a new memory controller, but still no boot. Exactly the same symptom: Memory module led green but flashing indicating "Board busy". Was it the motherboard ?

Any ideas please?